Remuneration & Rates 2022

The practice is a second-line practice, in other words: specialist mental health care (“gGGZ”). I work according to a quality charter, and I believe it is essential that you are autonomous and in control as a client.

Non-contracted, for the best care

In the specialist mental health care (“gGGZ”), we refer to contracted and non-contracted care. I have chosen not to enter into contracts with Dutch health insurers because contracted care forces one to conduct the practice according to the requirements of the health insurer. These requirements limit quality, such as limited treatment duration, a limited number of clients and turnover ceilings (maximum treatment reimbursement determined by the insurer). Working without contracts, allows me to offer you the best care – as long as necessary.

For you, this means:

  • The best care without restrictions from the health insurer
  • That the percentage of your reimbursement depends on your policy: with a reimbursement policy (“restitutie polis”), you will be reimbursed 80-100%, with an basic policy (“natura”) an average of 60-75%
  • That before the first consultation you should contact your insurer to check the percentage that it reimburses and whether permission is required for care at the practice
  • That you pay the invoice to the practice and claim back from the health insurer

This is what you pay

The existing DBC (diagnosis treatment combination) will lapse. As of 1 January 2022, the GGZ will switch to a new funding system, the so-called ‘Care Performance Model’. This applies to independent practices as well as to large institutions. I calculate my rates according to the prices set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

For more information, you can consult these folder:
InformationCare performance model

For you, this means:

  • As of 31-12-2021, all existing DBCs will be closed and invoiced. Therefore, you will receive an invoice in December 2021 or January 2022 for the care provided up to and including 31-12-2021. Please note: this is a financial “closure” and not a closure of the care you receive
  • From January 2022, billing will be per session
  • The practice will prepare a collective invoice per month and send it to you by e-mail or post
  • You receive the invoice, pay it to the practice within 14 days and take care of the reimbursement yourself from your insurer
  • The part of the invoice that the insurer does not reimburse is for your account

What about the excess/deductable (“own risk”)?

The excess/deductible (“eigen risico”) in the primary insurance also applies to SGGZ. The exact amount depends on what you have chosen, but in 2022 it will be at least €385. If you have not yet used your deductible before you start the treatment, this will be for your account — with any Dutch insurer.


You do not want to be faced with unpleasant surprises. Moreover, a treatment costs energy, so you don’t need hassles. Therefore, these tips:

  • Before our first meeting, contact your health insurer and ask about the coverage for specialised mental health care with a non-contracted care provider
  • Pay close attention when taking out your health insurance; my advice: a reimbursement policy (“restitutie polis”) with free choice of care and the lowest possible deductible
  • Check whether the insurer pays 100% of the NZa rates and not just the average contracted rate or what they consider reasonable themselves.
  • Make sure that you also have any agreements you make over the phone in black and white by emailing your contact person about it.

You are responsible for which insurance you take out. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with your final payment.

You need this for your reimbursement: a referral letter

If you want reimbursement from your insurance company, you need a referral letter to “gGGZ” from your general practitioner. Your primary insurance covers specialised mental health care. Important: there are no additional insurances for “gGGZ”.

Price indications

In the Care Performance Model, the following variables are relevant for determining the rate of a consultation:

  • The setting (in this case: independent practice, so-called “section II practice”)
  • The care provider (in this case: psychiatrist)
  • The duration of the session
  • The nature of the session: diagnosis or treatment
  • The complexity of the problem and the care provided: high or low complex

This applies to all sessions: in person, via video calling or telephone, and email contact (only treatment-related emails, not emails about appointments).

Here is an overview of the NZa fixed rates as published in November 2021, which will be charged:



Low complexity


highly complex


Low complexity


highly complex

From 5 min

€ 46.19

€ 59.57

€ 36.72

€ 46.44

From 15 min

€ 79.63

€ 101.60

€ 65.56

€ 82.25

From 30 min

€ 133.05

€ 164.97

€ 112.21

€ 138.08

From 45 min. 

€ 186.23

€ 229.17

€ 159.44

€ 195.28

From 60 min.

€ 212.53

€ 263.70

€ 188.55

€ 232.36

From 75 min.

€ 258.61

€ 321.13

€ 231, 85

€ 285.93

From 90 min.

€ 317.29

€ 393.81

€ 283.38

€ 349.34

From 120min

€ 455.48

€ 567.71

€ 415.64

€ 513.94


Writing letters to GPs or other parties on your request   € 90,46.

Note: these rates are indicative as per the publication of the NZa rate finder and may still be adjusted by the NZa.

Cancel or reschedule an appointment?

Appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the session. However, for non-compliance with an appointment or cancellation within 24 hours, €50 will be charged. This amount cannot be reimbursed by your health insurer.

Rates for lectures

Would you like to hire me as a speaker or for a workshop? Please contact me for a custom quote.

ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention

Please contact me to discuss fees for an “ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention”. Take into account that the intervention an familiy program is sold as a package for 6 – 12 months. I will invoice a fixed, all-in fee for the 6 – 12 month duration of the work we will do. Only after payment is made can I start working with you and your loved ones.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us with enquiries about rates and reimbursement 


MBChB – Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (University of South Africa) 2001, MD equivalent

FCPsychSA – Fellow of the Colleges of Psychiatrists (University of the Witwatersrand 2008

KNMG Psychiatrist – Dutch Psychiatric Registration 2010

CAI (Certified ARISE® Interventionist)

Practice Details

BIG number 99910798201

AGB Code personal: 03067418

AGB Code practice: 03037826

KvK (Chamber of Commerce): 73634395

Registrations and Affiliations

Registered psychiatrist at the KNMG (Royal Dutch Medical Association)

Registered psychiatrist at the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa)

Fellow of the Colleges of Psychiatrists of South Africa

Member of SASOP (South African Society of Psychiatrists)

Member of the International Family Therapy Association

ARISE-network – International Network of ARISE registered Interventionists and Recovery Care professionals

iCAAD – International Network ofAddiction Specialists

Triora International – Addiction Recovery Centres