Psychiatry Practice

At the practice, I provide psychiatric care with medication and psychotherapy. As a medical specialist, I work with the biopsychosocial model of psychiatry. I integrate the medical, psychological, social and cultural factors during assesment, treatment and recovery.

Adults with the following conditions are welcome:

  • AD(H)D: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Depression
  • Addiction (assesment and treatment advice only)
  • Anxiety / Panic
  • Trauma (EMDR and psychodynamic psychotherapy)
  • Autism (assesment and treatment advice)

Good to know: I consult in English, Dutch and Afrikaans.


To register at the practice, you need the following:

  • A referral letter from your GP for Specialized Mental Health and Addiction Care (“gGGZ”), addressed to me and with a request for help in line with what is being treated in the practice. Your GP also provides me with relevant medical information.
  • A medication overview of the medication you are currently taking. You can request this from your pharmacy (or general practitioner).

After receiving the referral letter and the medication overview, we will schedule a telephonic screening call of a maximum of 15 minutes. We determine whether the practice is the right place to offer you the best care. 

If we agree that we can proceed to the assessment, we will schedule the first three meetings. I will also send you a registration form, privacy statement and financial agreement via a secure email.

Upon receipt of your registration and financial agreement, we can proceed to scheduling your first assessment session.


The assessment phase comprise of 2 to 3 sessions of one hour each:

  • During our first appointment, we will register you at my practice. We check the privacy statement (everything about you is safe with me) and the financial agreement. Then the real work begins: we make an inventory of your concerns, symptoms, goals and background. We also immediately look at your medical complaints, current medication, and we go through the online intake form together. 
  • In our second session, I do a diagnostic interview. We look at the results of your questionnaires (if applicaple) and further discover what you need. By looking at the connection between psychological, medical and social factors, we gain more insight into what is needed for your treatment and recovery. Sometimes, a second diagnostic appointment is necessary to complete the assessment phase. After this appointment, I will prepare a proposal for treatment.
  • In the third appointment, we discuss the advice and draft the treatment plan. Then, we will can schedule your treatment appointments. If I can’t offer you appropriate treatment, we look at alternatives, and I help you with a referral (always in consultation with your GP).


    Your treatment is always aimed at helping you to recover. You (re) discover your strengths in a safe, neutral space. The treatment consists of psychotherapy often combined with medicines. Follow-up sessions last 15 to 60 minutes per session — depending on your needs. We regularly evaluate your progress through questionnaires or during interviews.

    Rounding things up

    So how do we round things up? Before treatment starts, we decide together how many conversations we will (in principle) have and which goals you want to achieve. At the end of your treatment, we evaluate this in a final interview. Questionnaires are also administered in which we can measure what has changed during the treatment. We also gain insight into which next steps can be taken. I will therefore make a summary in a letter for your GP who has made the referral, with advice for follow-up treatment if necessary.

    Waiting time

    I would prefer to help you today. That is why I try to keep waiting times as short as possible. Currently, there is an referral stop.

    Advantages of the practice:

    • Intake, diagnosis and treatment by a psychiatrist. Before we start treatment, I perform thorough diagnostics in which we map out all biological, psychological and social factors. Then, we link these factors with your goals and thus arrive at a treatment plan. As a doctor, one also looks at the effect of physical disorders and medication on the psyche.
    • Blended care: So-called blended care means the practice works with a combination of online and in-person appointments. Online treatment saves travel time, is safer concerning COVID and fits easily into your working day. In principle, always online, unless meeting in person is necessary or desirable.
    • Treatment according to the current guidelines, adapted to your specific needs. I follow the current guidelines. However, as a medical specialist, I adjust the care to suit your needs.
    • Referral where necessary. Unfortunately, the setting of outpatient private psychiatry is not suitable for all forms of treatment. During the assessment phase, we look at the options together. If the practice cannot provide the right help, I will be happy to help you get appropriate assistance.

    Reimbursements & rates

    The practice does not have contracts with health insurers. In short, this means:

    • The percentage of your reimbursement depends on your policy: with a reimbursement policy (“restitutiepolis”), you will be reimbursed 80-100%, with a “natura” policy 60-75% will be reimbursed.
    • You contact your insurer before our first session to confirm the percentage they compensate and whether permission is needed for care in practice.
    • That you pay the bill directly to the practice and claims back from to the insurer
      in terms of costs the following might serve as a general guideline:

    If we only do the assessment without treatment the cost for 3 diagnostic sessions are 3 x €301,42 per session = €904,26

    Therapy sessions of 60 minutes are €265,70

    Medication consults of 15 minutes are €94,07

    Your final invoice — which your health insurer reimburses partially or completely to you — may be higher or lower.
    Disclaimer: These are exapmles based on the rates determined by the Dutch Health Authority, you can not derive any rights from these examples.


    The practice is not available 24/7 and does does not provide any crisis care. Do you need an acute admission or are you struggling with acute suicidal behaviour? Then call the emergency services in your region via 112 or the on call GP (Huisartsenpost). Are you not in direct danger, but do you need immediate help to combat suicidal thoughts? Then call 113 immediately.

    Addiction and interventions

    Are you looking for targeted treatment for your addiction or interventions? 



    More than 15 years of experience in psychiatry and addiction care.


    Culturally sensitive

    After growing up in multicultural South Africa, he worked and lived in different cultural and international settings.


    Internationally oriented

    Large international network for psychiatry as well as addiction care. 



    Registered psychiatrist with licences to practice in the Netherlands and South Africa.


    ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention

    Comprehensive Care for people with addiction and their families.


    Positive Psychology and Resilience

    Helps people access resilience in order to recover from illness or adversity.


    MBChB – Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (University of South Africa) 2001, MD equivalent

    FCPsychSA – Fellow of the Colleges of Psychiatrists (University of the Witwatersrand) 2008

    KNMG Psychiatrist – Dutch Psychiatric Registration 2010

    CAI (Certified ARISE® Interventionist)

    Practice Details

    BIG number 99910798201

    AGB Code personal: 03067418

    AGB Code practice: 03037826

    KvK (Chamber of Commerce): 73634395

    Registrations and Affiliations

    Registered psychiatrist at the KNMG (Royal Dutch Medical Association)

    Registered psychiatrist at the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa)

    Fellow of the Colleges of Psychiatrists of South Africa

    Member of SASOP (South African Society of Psychiatrists)

    Member of the International Family Therapy Association

    ARISE-network – International Network of ARISE registered Interventionists and Recovery Care professionals

    iCAAD – International Network ofAddiction Specialists

    Triora International – Addiction Recovery Centres