Constant Mouton

Constant Mouton is a Psychiatrist and Interventionist with more than 15 years of international experience in psychiatry and addiction care. At his private practice, he provides culturally sensitive, quality mental healthcare, from a person-centred approach. Here you are not a label and certainly not just a number.

He provides compassionate, and cutting-edge care using medication and psychotherapy to treat conditions like adult ADHD/ADD, anxiety, depression, bipolar mood disorder, addiction, complicated grief, trauma and other mental health issues. As a registered ARISE® Professional, he works collaboratively with the addicted individual, the treatment centre, and the family to ensure treatment completion, relapse prevention, and the resolution of grief and other problems at the root of the pain and the addiction.



More than 15 years of experience in psychiatry and addiction care.


Culturally sensitive

After growing up in multicultural South Africa, he worked and lived in different cultural and international settings.


Internationally oriented

Large international network for psychiatry as well as addiction care. 



Registered psychiatrist with licences to practice in the Netherlands and South Africa.


ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention

Comprehensive Care for people with addiction and their families


Positive Psychology and Resilience

Helps people access resilience in order to recover from illness or adversity.


There are a variety of services and packages to choose from

Psychiatry Practice

At the private practice in The Hague, diagnosis and cutting-edge care is provided using medication and psychotherapy to treat a variety of psychiatric conditions

ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention

ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention introduces the addicted person and the family to a new life of recovery and healing.


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I really liked talking to this man. Very warm and open minded person.

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